Center for Social Sciences (CSS)

In Georgia ISSP surveys are conducted by the Center for Social Sciences (CSS).

Founded in 2003, Center for Social Sciences (CSS) is an independent, not-for-profit non-governmental organization whose purpose is to conduct social science research in, or related to, Georgia and to promote the development of a first-rate social science research establishment in the country.

In cooperation with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, CSS has developed and administered several interdisciplinary Master’s programs such as Gender Studies, Transformation in the South Caucasus, International Relations and Sociology, and international PhD Programs in International Relations and Gender Studies. CSS has built up the human capacity and material resources for the interdisciplinary graduate programs within TSU, including (but not limited to) attracting high-quality faculty, professional training, curriculum development, and establishment of library resources in social sciences.

CSS is committed to the support of vulnerable groups and the development of a pluralistic social environment in Georgia. CSS has worked in the field of community support towards the implementation of anti-violence (gender-based) legislation, psychological support to the youth and children of internally displaced persons, development of professional skills of psychologists, and improvement of the professional standards of independent journalists located in the regions of Georgia for monitoring the process of elections. CSS has worked on social research and policy recommendations in various areas such as adults with special needs, media research and nation-wide research on domestic violence.

Since 2011 CSS has built the organizational basis for a substantial research program and has begun independent policy-related evidence-based social research in several major areas – (a) applied social research, (b) education and development, (c) foreign policy and security, (d) gender equality, (e) Europeanization. CSS has published number of working papers and research reports in English and Georgian, conducted international academic conferences and actively participated in public and media discussions on the issues related to its research priorities. Since 2013 CSS publishes annual online peer-reviewed social science journal entitled Caucasus Social Sciences Review.

The international partners of CSS include University of Oxford, Rutgers University, and Mount Holyoke College. CSS has also collaborated with the Central European University and the University of Tartu.  The CSS donors at different times were the Open Society Foundation’s Higher Education Support Program, Open Society Georgia Foundation, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, European Commission, US Embassy in Georgia, Academic Swiss Caucasus Net, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, etc.

CSS Board consists of prominent scholars from University of Oxford, Cambridge University, Mount Holyoke College and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

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