The Levada Center, Moscow

The Levada Analytic Center is one of the most important and large polling organisation in Russia to conduct nationwide public opinion and market research.

The Centre undertakes research for domestic and foreign public organisations, research centres, the mass media and private businesses; it is the country's largest centre engaged in public opinion and market research. Its own network of 32 regional offices, employing in total about 3,000 trained interviewers, enables the Centre to conduct fieldwork all over Russia and in other CIS states.

Both academic qualifications and empirical experience determine staff appointments at the centre; researchers include sociologists, economists, political scientists, psychologists and computer specialists.

The Levada Analytic Center maintains close contacts with academic institutions worldwide and participates in a growing number of international research projects. Data are published in an in-house bulletin featuring analytical articles on a wide range of topics (The Russian Public Opinion Herald. Data. Analysis. Discussions). 

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