National Opinion Research Center (NORC), Chicago

The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) is a social science research center at the University of Chicago. Founded in 1941, NORC conducts surveys and other social science research for the academic community, government agencies, and other public institutions.

NORC's survey division carries out the full range of data collection activities including large-scale, in-person national probability samples, multiwave panel surveys, randomized field experiments, and multi-lingual interviewing. Current areas of concentration include education, health care, the labor force, and social problems such as drugs and homelessness.

NORC's research division consists of the Ogburn-Stouffer Center for the Study of Social Organisations, the Center for the Study of Politics and Society, the Population Research Center, the Center on the Demography and Economics of Aging, Data Research and Development Center, and the Center for Advancing Research and Communication in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Areas of specialization include the economics of the family, demography, gerontology, child development, and social change. NORC's longest-term programme is the National Data Program for the Social Sciences. NORC has conducted the General Social Survey since 1972.

In recent years NORC has had about 100 million dollars in annual business. It has a staff of about 450 and over 1,000 interviewers.

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